Smart-phones are the new best friend of a person, and extremely precious to the owner. Everywhere you turn, and every place you visit- the people you see have a cell phone, playing with it, engaged in the various applications and entertainment that it has offer. These devices offer the world at a click and a touch to consumers through its ease of use. Given the importance of these devices in allowing individuals not only connectivity but also entertainment and information, people feel a sense of responsibility and duty towards their devices to protect and accessorize it.

Based in Orlando, Florida, BestCellGear operates with the single goal of providing quality cell phone accessories at the best price available. This goal is driven by consumers’ need to protect their expensive devices while at the same time represent their unique tastes. BestCellGear maintains quality and price by controlling its over-head costs- its focuses on select brands and models. This focus has allowed BestCellGear the flexibility to offer the best rates for its products in the market. At present, our focus is on iPhone 5/5S and on iPhone 6 for cases and chargers. We plan to gradually expand to include other brands and models to our product offering.


You can shop online, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and even purchase directly through our Facebook page. All orders are shipped within 2 business days throughout the USA. BestCellGear offers a return policy if the accessory and the package you receive is not what you ordered or is damaged. The return will be free of cost, and you will be provided with a replacement or full refund. We look forward to serving you, and offering you the best of what is out there for your smart-phone- because your smart-phone represents you!


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